Focusing on your well-being sounds great, but who has time for such an indulgence? Spoiler alert: You do. In under an hour, you can get a lot done to improve your health. Based on your current bandwidth, select an option below — and then use your Lenovo benefits to make it happen.

Managing others? Contact the Lenovo Wellness Center to get some help kicking off your next meeting with a mindfulness session, talk to the Power UP Fitness Center team for recommendations on getting your team moving, or tap Fidelity for a group lesson on managing money.


Under 5 Minutes

Order a biometric kit.

Check your cholesterol and blood sugar – without even leaving home – with a free biometric testing kit. Order yours by calling 1-919-237-8900.

Enroll in Active&Fit Direct.

If you're covered by Cigna, you can get a membership through Active&Fit Direct for virtual on-demand classes or in-person participating fitness centers for $25 month (plus a $25 enrollment fee and applicable taxes). Join in three easy steps! And if you’re joining as part of a New Year’s resolution, you’re in luck! The enrollment fee is waived if you sign up in January or February.

Take a stretch break.

For instructor-led stretching, join the Power UP Fitness Center’s daily five-minute virtual stretch break at 1:50 pm Eastern Time. Or try these five-minute workday stretches whenever you feel like it.

Explore virtual physical therapy.

If you’re a Cigna member and you’re recovering from an injury or needing help with your PT routine, you have access to RecoveryOne for Cigna, a free app-based digital rehabilitation program designed by orthopedic specialists. Take a minute to watch the introduction video to see if it’s a service you could benefit from.

Check your blood pressure.

If you’re already enrolled in Hello Heart, take a quick break to monitor your blood pressure. If you’re not enrolled, take a few minutes to sign up for the easy-to-use heart-health program.

Enjoy a mindful moment.

Manage your stress by joining a virtual five-minute mindfulness session, either live or on-demand.

Take a breather.

Get some quick pointers on mastering your breathing from the Power UP Fitness Center.

Give a virtual hug.

Studies have shown that gratitude improves mental well-being. Since you can’t acknowledge your colleagues’ hard work in person, use Lenovo Rewards to recognize their contributions with a virtual pat on the back.

Give back.

Through Employees Care, join Lenovo in supporting organizations that are working on COVID-19 relief efforts. Lenovo philanthropy will match your contributions 100%.

Learn something new.

Lenovo offers tons of informative sessions every week to help you maintain your physical, emotional, and financial well-being. Take a few minutes to see what’s being offered.

Increase your contributions.

The more you stash away now, the faster your nest egg will grow! In 2021, you can contribute up to $3,600 (single)/$7,200 (family) to your Health Savings Account (HSA) and up to $19,500 to your Lenovo Savings Plan [401(k)]. At any time, you can update your HSA contributions through Benefitsolver or your 401(k) contributions by contacting Fidelity.

Explore the tools at your fingertips.

Watch this one-minute Fidelity video to learn all the tasks you can accomplish through your Fidelity online account, from increasing your contributions to modeling your financial future.

Book a coaching session.

Whether your health goals are physical, emotional, or financial, you don’t need to do it alone. Lenovo provides coaches who can help you get started on your journey. Schedule an appointment with a coach from the Lenovo Wellness Center, the Power UP Fitness Center (call 1-919-908-5268) or Fidelity.


15–30 Minutes

Move when you’re motivated.

Whenever inspiration strikes, just hit Play to attend an on-demand fitness class offered by our Power UP Fitness Center. There are plenty of options to choose from. Not sure where to start? Check out one of these playlists:

  • Upper Crossed Syndrome – These movements address issues often associated with UCS (aka “text neck”), including pain in the neck, upper back, and shoulders, and headaches.
  • Anterior Pelvic Tilt – These movements address issues often associated with APT (aka “duck butt”), including tight hip flexors and lower back, and weak abdominals and glutes, all leading to lower back pain and poor movement quality.
  • Movement is Medicine – Whether you’re just waking up, getting off the chair, or prepping for an upcoming workout, these movements are designed to mobilize, stabilize, and activate the areas needed to perform.
  • Friday Morning Fuel – Add a little fun to your morning routine with healthy smoothie recipe demos.

Train your entire body.

Ready for a full body workout? Increase your strength and stamina by joining the Power UP Fitness Center’s EQUIPPED class. It meets 11:35 am–12 pm Eastern Time every Tuesday and Thursday.

Give your nutrition goals a nudge.

If you’re covered by Cigna, you and your dependents can each get three free nutritional evaluations and six free nutritional counseling visits per year (and six free evaluations if you have a diabetic or mental health diagnosis).

Improve your workspace.

Make sure your work setup promotes good posture by scheduling a virtual visit with your Lenovo Wellness Center nurse practitioner, Schauren Ferris, FNP-C. Learn how you can reduce your risk of injury, maintain alignment and balance in your body, and incorporate healthy lifestyle habits throughout your workday. Call 1-919-237-8900 or message Schauren through the Lenovo Wellness Center website. Available only to North Carolina employees.

Add some joe to your mojo.

Attend a low-key, informal Coffee with the Coaches session to get some well-being tips from our resident health experts.

Get a fresh perspective.

Connect with the Employee Assistance Program – 24/7! – to get help finding resources to boost your mood, improve your financial well-being, and deal with lots of other challenges.

Find your Zen in 15.

Learn to breathe and relax by joining a 15-minute Mini-Mindfulness Session.

Turbo-charge your break.

Breaks are even better when you get your blood pumping. Try an on-demand fitness class offered by the Power UP Fitness Center. Or take a 15-minute Virtual Walk Around the Block every Monday at 11 am Eastern Time.

Find a virtual walking partner.

Want to get some exercise, bond with a teammate, and maybe even squeeze in some valuable brainstorming? Ask one of your colleagues to join you for a virtual walk!

Talk to a real live human.

Have a question? There’s an actual person out there who likely has the answer! Email your Cigna Personal Guide to sort out the obstacles in your mind and set healthy goals for now and later.

Book a finance meeting.

Get advice that’s just for you by scheduling a 1:1 session through Fidelity for help with your financial questions.

Invest time in your investments.

Whether you prefer a hands-off approach or you like rolling up your sleeves and DIY-ing it, check out our “Invest in yourself” guide to learn about the funds available in your 401(k) that can help you meet your financial goals.

Get your HSA in shape.

Not only are endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance important for your physical health — they’re also key to your financial well-being. Learn how you can apply them to your Health Savings Account (HSA) to achieve optimal results.

Do an identity check.

Having your identity stolen is the last thing you want to deal with. Gift yourself some peace of mind by signing up for identity theft protection through PrivacyArmor® Plus by InfoArmor or Cigna’s Identity Theft Program.

Secure your family’s future.

Ensure your family’s financial well-being with will, estate, and financial planning through Cigna’s My Secure Advantage program. You can also take care of business through MetLife Legal Plans.

Save on prescriptions.

Use the Price a Medication feature from Express Scripts to quickly and easily compare prices for your medications before filling a prescription.

Find your inspiration.

Get in touch with the things that drive you toward success by taking a spin through the Power UP Fitness Center’s 7 Steps to Finding Your Motivation.

Plot out your priorities.

Use the Daily Lineup Planner to prioritize your daily tasks. Follow this framework, created by the Power UP Fitness Center, to chart out your day – and stick to your game plan.


30–60 Minutes

Get some benefits guidance.

Earline Motley, your Cigna Personal Guide, is here to support you with benefits-related matters, from helping you find an in-network doctor/dentist to advising you on cost-saving opportunities. She’s available weekdays, 8:30 am–4:30 pm Eastern Time. Email her with questions or to set up a phone appointment.

Avoid heart disease.

Watch the 40-minute video Beat Heart Disease to learn steps you can take now to keep your ticker in tip-top shape.

Take a break from the kiddos.

If you have kids at home, Bright Horizons World at Home is a new way for you to keep your children engaged and excited about education. Sittercity is a great resource for finding sitters, but you can also connect with tutors and form learning pods, which can really enhance your kids’ at-home learning experience.

Learn to recognize depression.

Even if you’re feeling okay today, it’s good to know more about depression and anxiety so you can get treatment if and when you need it. The Increasing Awareness About Depression and Anxiety webinar is a good place to start. You’ll learn how to recognize depression and anxiety, as well as where to find a therapist or get additional help if you’re experiencing symptoms.

Learn how to strengthen your team.

If you manage people, tune in to the January 26 Cigna webinar titled Manager's Guide: Mindful Leadership to learn how to manage challenging dynamics and bring out the best in your team.

Boost your team’s financial know-how.

Think your colleagues could benefit from a financial tutorial? The folks at Fidelity would be happy to coordinate a virtual meeting. Their representatives can walk your team through the services they offer and answer any and all of their questions.

Maximize your assets.

Learn how to get the most out of your retirement savings by attending Fidelity’s Discover the Potential of Your HSA webinar on January 26. If you’re enrolled in the Lenovo Savings Plan, you can learn how to optimize your 401(k) portfolio by calling Fidelity at 1-800-835-5095 and asking to be connected with an Edelman Financial Engines expert. Or visit the Fidelity website.

Go shopping (for less)!

Treat yourself to a guilt-free shopping spree. You can pay less for the stuff you love by using Lenovo EXTRAS to make your purchases.

Talk to an expert.

Whether you’re looking for financial counseling or health support, you can always get personalized advice from a professional. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can assist with a wide variety of issues – from mental health and stress to work and personal life balance, financial and legal matters, and planning for your future.

Set some fitness goals.

Get some advice and inspiration by tuning in to the Goal Setting and Motivation for 2021 webinar. Youll learn about the stages of behavior change and how to create a wellness vision and action plan to help you achieve your goals.

Expand your eco-consciousness.

By watching the 45-minute video It's Easy Being Green, you can learn how to live greener and get healthier through lifestyle choices and simple changes to your daily routines.


Challenge Me

Power in your posture.

Do you have pain in your neck, shoulders, or lower back from your home office setup? Schedule a personalized telehealth visit with your Lenovo Wellness Center Nurse Practitioner, Schauren Ferris, FNP-C, to review and improve your individual space. Call 1-919-237-8900 or message Schauren directly through the Lenovo Wellness Center portal to book an appointment. Currently only available in NC, with possibility for future expansion.

Take a break.

Even if you can’t get away to an exotic locale, it’s important to occasionally take time away from work to get a little R&R and a fresh perspective. If you’re a non-exempt employee, you have at least 15 vacation days per year, and you accrue more based on your years of service. Be sure to take advantage of them!