Helping your family thrive

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding — and challenging — roles you’ll ever have. And we want to help ensure your success in this awesome endeavor. Whether you’re thinking about adding a child to your family or you’ve already welcomed your new addition into your home, your Lenovo benefits are always here to support you through every step of your child-rearing journey.

Needing help adding to your family?

There are a lot of different ways to grow your family, and Lenovo’s family-building benefits can help guide you through many of them.

  • If you’re looking to adopt, you can take advantage of our adoption reimbursement program, through which you can get reimbursed up to $8,000 for adoption-related expenses. You also have access to adoption advocacy and referral services through WIN.
  • If you’re having trouble conceiving, you have access to several surrogacy and fertility support services through both WIN and Cigna (if you’re enrolled in one of Cigna’s medical plans). Our surrogacy reimbursement program reimburses you up to $8,000 for surrogacy-related expenses.

Welcoming your new addition into your family?

Once your child has arrived, you’ll want some time to bond with your little one and get acclimated to your new family dynamic. We have resources to help.

  • You can take 16 weeks of parental leave at full pay as a new parent. Birth parents get an additional 6–8 weeks of short-term disability.
  • To make sure your child is covered under your Lenovo benefits, be sure to enroll them in your medical plan and possibly your life insurance plan within 30 days of the birth or adoption.

Looking for mental health support?

As joyful as it is, adding a new family member can be stressful for everyone in your family. Your schedules and routines are suddenly thrown off, and you may be deprived of sleep and your normal social interactions. For birth moms, that stress can be compounded by postpartum depression, which is characterized by severe mood swings, excessive crying, withdrawal from friends and family, and irregularities in eating and sleeping (too much or not enough).

Whether you’re just needing someone to talk to or you’re dealing with more serious issues, you have lots of mental health resources at your disposal, including:

  • The Cigna Behavioral Health specialists provided through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Digital resources like Talkspace and Ginger that can help you quickly connect to just the right support
  • If you’re a Morrisville employee: Our onsite behavioral health counselor, who can be reached at 1-919-237-8900

    Focusing on your physical well-being?

    When your focus shifts to caring for a child, your own needs often take a backseat. But if you want to be there for your family, you can’t neglect your own health. Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to sign up for a marathon. Just taking one or two small actions can go a long way toward improving your well-being. Here are a few steps to get you started.

    Get a personalized workout for parents

    Talk to the Lenovo health coaches and Power Up Fitness coaches about their special workouts tailored to the needs of soon-to-be and new parents!

    Need back-up child care?

    If you ever need to be away from your child and your regular care arrangements aren’t working out, you can rely on Bright Horizons.

    • You have access to 15 days per year of short-term and emergency back-up child care. The service can also be used for adult, elder, and pet care.
    • Through Bright Horizons Enhanced Family Supports, you can connect with longer-term care options through the Sittercity database and Bright Horizons child-care centers.