Identity theft protection


Your credit card statement includes that Gucci watch your bestie’s been raving about. Sweet, right? Wrong. You didn’t buy that Gucci watch — or any watch for that matter — and you are definitely not paying the $2,000 bill.

At least you’re not if you have identity theft protection through Allstate Identity Protection Pro Plus. It’s a service that helps you monitor purchases and lines of credit. So your good name — and credit — stay intact.


Cuz getting hacked isn’t fun. And no one wants to spend hours disputing purchases and begging creditors to believe you.


  • Identity, credit, and social media reputation monitoring and alerts
  • $1M identity theft insurance policy
  • $7.45/month for just you; $12.95/month for you + the fam bam
  • A team to help you restore your identity if you get hacked

Did you know?

Some 41 million Americans have had their identity stolen. 41 million!!! (And nope, that’s not a typo.)

Will the real you please stand up?


Allstate Identity Protection Pro Plus