Annual enrollment

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You’re on the path to awakening your well-being for 2024. Want to skip ahead and see what’s new and changing?

Annual enrollment is October 10–24, 2023

Awaken your well-being by making sure you have the best benefits for 2024. Your Lenovo benefits are powerful tools that can go a long way toward helping you manage your physical, mental, and financial health. This is your chance to revisit all the great benefits that can help you save money and live healthier.

Annual enrollment is your once-a-year opportunity* to not only elect your benefits for the coming year, but to also explore all the amazing resources you may be missing out on. That includes all the great events, mental health resources, financial security benefits, and other offerings available year-round to you and your family members.

* Exception to the “once-a-year” rule: Planning to get married, welcome a baby, or switch jobs next year? These are all “qualifying life events,” and you can make the related benefit changes anytime you experience these events.

What’s new and changing for 2024

We’re always focused on making your benefits as inclusive as possible. In 2024, we’ll be working toward that goal by enhancing some of your benefits — and introducing new ones — to give you even more support in growing your family.

Fertility, adoption, and surrogacy enhancements

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You’ll now have even greater access to a wide range of fertility, adoption, and surrogacy services:

  • The lifetime maximum benefit for fertility services is increasing to $30,000.
  • You’ll no longer need to receive an infertility diagnosis to access fertility benefits.
  • Beginning in January 2024, you’ll have access to WINFertility, a national leader in family-building benefits. WIN offers IVF programs, including advanced medical treatment, genetic testing services, and fertility medications, for anyone enrolled in our Cigna medical plan, as well as advocacy and referral services for adoption and surrogacy for all employees and their spouses or domestic partners.
  • Similar to Lenovo’s adoption assistance program, which offers an $8,000 reimbursement for adoption related expenses, in 2024 Lenovo will offer a surrogacy reimbursement program. You’ll be able to get reimbursed up to $8,000 for surrogacy-related services. (Reimbursements are considered taxable income. Adoption reimbursements are subject to FICA tax withholdings, and surrogacy reimbursements are subject to federal, state, and FICA tax withholdings.)

Lenovo Health Saver medical plan deductible change

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Due to IRS rules, the annual deductible for the Lenovo Health Saver medical plan is increasing from $1,500 to $1,600 for employee-only coverage and from $3,000 to $3,200 for family coverage. The out-of-network deductible is not changing.

Enhancements to Cigna’s gender-affirmation benefits

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Cigna has enhanced its services related to gender affirmation, including gender-reassignment surgery. Coverage, when applicable, includes behavioral counseling, hormone therapy, genital and chest reconstructive surgical procedures, and other facial masculinization and feminization procedures. (See tables 1 and 2 in the medical coverage policy document.)

HSA limit increase

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If you’re not already enrolled in the Lenovo Health Saver medical plan — which comes with a tax-advantaged Health Savings Account (HSA) — this is the perfect time to consider making the switch. One big reason: In 2024, you’ll be able to set aside even more money in your HSA. The maximum contribution limit is increasing to $4,150 (includes Lenovo’s contribution) for employee-only coverage and to $8,300 (includes Lenovo’s contribution) for family coverage. That’s a pretty big chunk of tax-free money that you can use to either pay for your current medical expenses or save for your future expenses!

2024 monthly paycheck contributions

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Your contributions for medical coverage will increase slightly next year. Lenovo will absorb a portion of these cost increases, but be sure to review the new monthly contributions below to understand how these changes will affect you.

Monthly paycheck contributions for the Cigna DHMO will also increase slightly. There will be no changes to the monthly paycheck contributions for the Dental Basic Plan, the Dental Plus Plan, or the vision plan.

Here are your 2024 monthly medical contributions.

Lenovo Health Saver
Kaiser HMO (Northern CA)
Kaiser HMO (Southern CA)
Employee only
Employee + spouse/ domestic partner
Employee + child(ren)
Employee + family

Here are your 2024 monthly dental contributions.

Dental Basic
Dental Plus
Cigna DHMO
Employee only
Employee + spouse/ domestic partner
Employee + child(ren)
Employee + family

Kaiser HMO medical plan changes (Northern and Southern California)

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In order to avoid larger increases to your 2024 monthly paycheck contribution, it was necessary that we make the following changes to Kaiser’s in‑network benefits in 2024:

  • For each plan, an annual deductible will be added, and you’ll see increases to the out-of-pocket maximum and to the coinsurance for hospital stays, ER visits, outpatient surgery, and diagnostic scans (for example, MRIs and CT scans).
  • Copays for preferred prescription drug brands and coinsurance for specialty medications will also increase. However, copays for office visits, including primary care physicians, certain specialists, and urgent care, will decrease.
  • Optical eyewear (frames, lenses, contact lenses) will no longer be covered by the Kaiser HMO.

For additional information, see below or review either plan’s summary of benefits and coverage (SBC).

In-network benefits
Deductible (what you pay for medical and mental health services before the plan pays benefits)
Out-of-pocket maximum (the most you’ll pay in a year for medical and mental health services and prescription drugs)
Coinsurance (what you pay for most services after the deductible is met)
Office visit – primary care/specialist
Inpatient hospital
Outpatient surgery
MRI or CT scan
Emergency room
Urgent care
Optical eyewear (frames, lenses, contact lenses)
Coverage (in-network)
Employee only: $250
Family: $500
Employee only: $3,000
Family: $6,000
You pay 10%
$10 copay (deductible does not apply)
You pay 10%
You pay 10%
You pay 10%, up to $150 max (deductible does not apply)
You pay 10%
$10 copay (deductible does not apply)
Not covered (consider enrolling in the Vision Service Plan (VSP) for coverage)

Prescription drugs (deductible does not apply)

• $10 copay for up to 30-day supply (pharmacy)
• $20 copay for up to 100-day supply (pharmacy or mail order)
• $30 copay for up to 30-day supply (pharmacy)
• $60 copay for up to 100-day supply (pharmacy or mail order)
You pay 20% ($250 max)

Special enrollment for supplemental life insurance

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If you want to enroll in supplemental life insurance coverage for yourself or your spouse/domestic partner, or increase your current coverage, you can take advantage of a special enrollment opportunity. You can elect or increase supplemental life insurance coverage by the following amounts without providing evidence of insurability (EOI):

  • Add or increase coverage for yourself: Up to 1x your salary, up to $500,000
  • Add or increase coverage for your spouse/domestic partner: Up to $40,000

New fitness mobile app

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Connect with our Lenovo Power UP Fitness Center coaches from any location! The new Exos Fit app can help you boost your energy and creativity levels. Wherever you are, you can quickly and easily meet with our coaches and watch live or on-demand training videos. Even better, you’ll be able to turbocharge your motivation levels by competing in group health and wellness challenges while connecting with a community of peers. Download the Exos Fit app on Google Play.

Have you moved?

To streamline your enrollment experience, update your contact or personal information in Workday before you begin to enroll.

Catch some positive vibes

Ready to get more out of your benefits in 2024? Just take these three steps!

1. Review your current benefits and consider our new offerings.

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Make sure you have the right mix of health and financial protection at the right cost to support your needs.

  • Keep in mind: The Lenovo Health Saver Plan comes with a Health Savings Account (HSA), which is a triple tax-advantaged way to save on health care expenses now or in the future, including retirement. Plus, Lenovo contributes to your account ($750 if it’s just you and $1,500 if it’s you plus your family). That’s free money you could be leaving on the table! The clincher? The Lenovo Health Saver Plan boasts the lowest monthly paycheck contributions among all the Lenovo plans.
  • Be even more prepared for the unexpected. Consider adding or increasing protection through supplemental benefits, including legal coverage and critical illness, accidental injury, and hospital care insurance.
  • Quick tip: Take a fresh look at your beneficiaries while you’re reviewing your benefits.

2. Reselect benefits that could be ending this year.

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  • Do you want to continue saving in a Health Care Spending Account (HCSA) or Dependent Care Spending Account (DCSA)? If so, you need to take action. If you do nothing, your contributions will NOT carry over into 2024. Keep in mind that you must use your 2023 HCSA and/or DCSA dollars by April 30, 2024, or you’ll forfeit them.
  • Do you already save through an HSA? You can save even more in 2024 because the annual maximum (which includes Lenovo’s contribution) will increase to $4,150 (employee-only coverage) and $8,300 (family coverage). If you want to save an extra $300 or $550 compared to 2023, you have to take action to increase how much you’re socking away.

3. Enroll by 11:59 pm Central Time on October 24, 2023.

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If you don’t enroll, you’ll have the same or similar coverage as you do today, but at 2024 costs. The big exceptions are the HCSA, DCSA, and HSA — you’ll need to reselect these to continue coverage next year.

Need help picking a plan?

If you want:

In-the-moment support while enrolling:

When you’re selecting your medical plan while enrolling on the Benefitsolver site, you’ll have the option to compare medical plans. Look for the box that says “Compare this plan” to see how the plan options will compare in 2024.

There’s also a Compare Plans icon on the homepage that allows you to compare 2023 and 2024 plan options.

For additional help selecting your medical or dental plan, you can explore MyChoice, Benefitsolver’s interactive decision-support tool. MyChoice will ask you a few questions and provide you with recommendations based on your needs.

Note: If it’s been a while since you’ve visited the newly updated Benefitsolver website, featuring expanded content, you may be asked to reconfirm your communications preferences.

One-on-one assistance with medical and dental plan decisions:

Contact our Cigna Client Service Partner, Jennifer Parrish, to schedule a virtual appointment.

  • Non-members: Call Cigna Customer Service Advocates at 1-888-806-5042.
  • Members: Call the Cigna One Guide service at 1-800-244-6224.

Your questions answered in real time:

Chat with your virtual benefits assistant, Sofia.

Financial advice:

Schedule a virtual meeting with a Fidelity professional.


Get 24/7 support through Sofia, your virtual benefits assistant. Or speak to a live rep by calling the Lenovo Benefits Administration Center at 1-844-319-3412, October 10–24, 8 am–9 pm Eastern Time.

Things to know

If you already have health insurance elsewhere

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Don’t want Lenovo medical plan coverage in 2024? Be sure to select Decline Coverage during annual enrollment. You may have to certify that you have coverage elsewhere.

If you and your spouse/domestic partner both work for Lenovo

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Either you or your spouse/domestic partner must opt out if the other selects employee + spouse/domestic partner coverage or family coverage. You can’t enroll in the health care programs under your own coverage and also be covered as an eligible dependent under your spouse’s/domestic partner’s coverage. Similarly, your dependent children can only be covered by either you or your spouse/domestic partner, not by both of you.

If you or a family member is already enrolled in Hinge Health, Omada, or Hello Heart

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If you’re currently receiving services through Hinge Health, Omada, or Hello Heart, you’ll continue receiving services for as long as you’re enrolled.

Don’t forget!

If you want to participate in an HSA, an HCSA, or a DCSA, you have to reselect these benefits. Your current elections will not carry over to 2024.

Price your medications

Check medication prices, see what pharmacies are in-network, and find out what medications are covered by the Lenovo Health Saver, EPO, and PPO plans.

Want more details about the plans?

Check out the Summaries of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs).

Important legal notices

Understand your enrollment rights, prescription drug coverage and Medicare, Medicaid and the
Children’s Health Insurance Program, and more.


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