Flu shots


The flu isn’t fun. Your best defense is to get a flu shot every fall.


With your Lenovo benefits, getting a flu shot is free. Plus, it’s pretty darn easy and convenient. A lot more convenient than being stuck in bed for a week.


You, your dependents, and your spouse/domestic partner can get your flu shot through any Express Scripts network pharmacy. If you get your shot at the pharmacy, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Check if your pharmacy is in the network by going to Prescriptions > Find a Pharmacy on the Express Scripts site or through the Express Scripts app.
  2. Call the pharmacy ahead of time to verify their current vaccination schedule, vaccine availability, and age restrictions.
  3. Present your combined medical/Rx ID card and request that the expense be submitted to Express Scripts, whenever possible.

You can also get your flu shot through your regular health care provider.

Did you know?

Sure, there’s no 100% protection against the flu. But if you’ve been vaccinated, you’re less likely to contract the flu and less likely to experience severe symptoms if you do get infected.

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