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What could be more essential to your health than taking care of your ticker? Hello Heart is an easy-to-use program to help you do just that. It lets you track, manage, and improve your heart health from the privacy of your own phone. Plus, it’s offered at no cost to Lenovo employees and includes a FREE blood pressure monitor that connects to an app on your smartphone.


Hello Heart makes monitoring your heart super easy. There are no complicated coaching sessions. All the information and tips are on your phone, so you can use the app anywhere, anytime. And rest assured that Hello Heart keeps your info private. No one but you will know what your heart is up to.


Here’s what you get when you enroll in Hello Heart:

  • A free, FDA-approved blood pressure monitor that easily connects to your phone
  • Blood pressure, medication, and weight-tracking technology
  • Instant, clear explanations of what your numbers mean
  • Easy-to-apply personalized tips for maintaining a healthy heart
  • Progress reports that are easy to review or share with your physician
  • Auto-imported lab results from clinics, with personalized explanations
  • A support team available to answer any questions via phone or email


If you or your spouse/domestic partner is enrolled in a Lenovo medical plan and has high blood pressure (a reading of 130/80 mmHg or above), or you’re taking blood pressure medication, you’re eligible to enroll for FREE.

Ready to achieve cardiac success? Visit the Hello Heart website to sign-up. During the signup process, fill in your shipping address to order your monitor, and download and log in to the app to confirm your account. Your monitor will be on its way!

Watch these videos to learn more about taking an accurate blood pressure reading, sending your blood pressure report to your doctor, and reducing your blood pressure.

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