The eyes have it. At least they do when you take care of ’em. Lenovo’s vision plan, through Vision Service Plan (VSP) Choice, covers annual eye exams at 100%. It also helps offset the costs of routine vision care, glasses, and contacts. So, no need to panic when Jimmy has trouble reading the blackboard at school. He’ll be seeing better in no time. And you’ll be seeing fewer dollar signs than you might have expected.


The eyes are the windows to your soul. Plus, it’s hard to see stuff without ’em. With the VSP vision plan, you — and your family — will be seeing well into the future.


  • Annual eye exams covered at 100%
  • Varying levels of coverage for frames, lenses, contacts, and LASIK eye surgery
  • $160 frame allowance for ready-made nonprescription sunglasses or nonprescription blue light glasses
  • Coverage for corrective lenses specifically designed for computer use (employees only)


2024 monthly vision paycheck contributions

Employee only
Employee + spouse / domestic partner
Employee + child(ren)
Employee + family


You blink about 12 times every minute. And the average blink lasts about one-tenth of a second. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

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