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You’ve probably dreamed about having your own personal coach who can help you reach all your health-related goals. Presto! Your wish has been fulfilled. The Lenovo Wellness Center offers registered nurse (RN) health coaches who meet you where you are, keep you accountable and motivated, and help you come up with a plan for a healthier, happier you! And you can connect with them in person, virtually, or by phone.

Cigna members can also access My Health Assistant. Powered by WebMD, this tool offers professional guidance in the areas of weight loss, stress management, tobacco cessation, physical fitness, and more. Through the message board, you can even connect with other My Health Assistant users to get encouragement, support, and advice.


Because we could all use a little help when it comes to making smart decisions about our health. Maybe you’re not sure if your diet is as balanced as it could be. Or you need help lowering your cholesterol, blood pressure, or A1C. Why not get some direction and motivation from a health coach?


You have two great options:

  • Lenovo offers dedicated RN health coaches who can work with you and your spouse/domestic partner on all kinds of personal health issues. If you’re based in North Carolina or work remotely, contact the Lenovo Wellness Center by calling 1-919-237-8900 or visiting the Marathon eHealth Portal to get started. If you’re based in Chicago or San Jose, call Katie Maloney at 1-312-256-1179.
  • My Health Assistant is an online coaching program that helps you create a personalized health plan. The program can help you achieve better nutrition, increase your physical activity, and boost your mood. To start setting — and achieving — your health goals, log in to, then click on “Wellness” and “My Health Assistant–Online Coaching Program.”

Did you know?

Through Healthy Rewards — also on — you can receive discounts on health and wellness products, including the latest fitness devices. Not too shabby.


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