Why you should care about preventive care

We hear about preventive care all the time, but what is it actually? In a nutshell, it’s any action you can take now — like getting your annual checkup or a flu shot — that can help make serious medical issues less likely down the road.


That’s how much the U.S. spends every year due to missed prevention opportunities, according to the Institute of Medicine (IOM).1

    5 reasons to practice preventive care

    Preventive care is good for you. Isn’t that reason enough to make it part of your lifestyle? If not, here are a few more motivators for staying on top of your health.2

    Live a longer and healthier life →

    Being proactive with your health can help you stay active and feel more energetic into your golden years. Screening tests are one of the most effective ways to prevent diseases like cancer, diabetes, and mental illness.

    Save money →

    If you’re worried about your wallet, you should be a huge fan of preventive care. It can help you catch serious medical conditions before they require costly treatments, and your insurance pays for nearly all preventive care services.

    Get doctor recommendations →

    Want some professional advice on how to feel your very best? Through a regular health exam, your doctor can get a complete picture of your health and provide helpful tips on maintaining your health and preventing serious conditions.

    Control your risk factors →

    Through preventive care, you can discover what your risk factors are and learn how to keep them in check. For example, if your doctor determines you’re predisposed to high cholesterol, they can suggest actions to take now to prevent a serious heart condition in the future.

    Help those around you →

    The more people who take advantage of preventive health care, the more data doctors have, which they can use to find new treatments and improve the overall health care system. By checking in on your own health, you’re indirectly improving health care for all.


    25% of Americans are missing out

    Are you one of them? Even though four in five Americans have health insurance, one in four don’t get a routine checkup.3 You’ve got the coverage. Put it to good use by scheduling your preventive care appointments today.

      Covered preventive care services

      So, what are some of the preventive care services you can receive at no cost through your Lenovo medical plan? Here are just a few you should definitely take advantage of:

      • Annual physical exam, which includes basic vitals like blood pressure and body mass index, screenings for certain types of cancer, and blood tests to gauge cholesterol levels
      • Annual flu shot
      • Mammogram (if you’re 40 or older)
      • Colonoscopy (if you’re 45 or older)
      • Vaccinations for infections like hepatitis A, tetanus, shingles, etc.
      • Two dental checkups per year
      • Annual eye exam

      Help your heart

      Blood pressure screening and control is one of the most effective ways to prevent heart disease and stroke. Among people with diabetes, blood pressure control reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 33% to 50%.4

      Luckily, employees and spouses or domestic partners who are enrolled in a Lenovo medical plan may also be eligible to enroll in Hello Heart, which provides you with a free blood pressure monitor that connects to an easy-to-use app!

      What else counts as preventive care?

      Really, anything that contributes to your physical, emotional, or financial health can be considered preventive care. Lenovo offers resources to support all of these areas, including:

      You can also find plenty of preventive care tips on our “Treat yourself to better health” page.

      Need help getting started? Connect with a health coach who can get you on the right path!

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