Family-building benefits


Adding a child to your family is a wonderful thing. It can also be an expensive and challenging thing. Lenovo’s family-building benefits can alleviate some of the emotional and financial burden.


However you grow your family, we want to help you make it a success. The adoption and surrogacy reimbursement programs can help you pay for some of those unavoidable expenses. Meanwhile, WINFertility can provide much-needed support if you’re having trouble conceiving. And paid family leave can give you the time you need to bond with your new addition.


Adoption assistance

Get reimbursed up to $8,000 for eligible adoption-related expenses, like legal and medical fees. This covers both domestic and international adoptions. Additionally, beginning in January 2024, you’ll also have access to adoption advocacy and referral services through WINFertility. (Adoption reimbursements are considered taxable income and are subject to FICA tax withholdings.)

Surrogacy assistance

Available January 1, 2024: Get reimbursed up to $8,000 for eligible surrogacy-related services and access surrogacy advocacy and referral services through WINFertility. (Surrogacy reimbursements are considered taxable income and are subject to federal, state, and FICA tax withholdings.)

Fertility support

Available January 1, 2024: WINFertility offers IVF programs, including advanced medical treatment, genetic testing services, and fertility medications. If you’re enrolled in one of Lenovo’s medical plans through Cigna, your lifetime maximum benefit for fertility services is $30,000 (no need for an infertility diagnosis).

Family leave

All new parents get 16 weeks of parental leave at full pay, and birth moms get an additional 6–8 weeks of short-term disability.

Did you know?

Adoption costs can run into the tens of thousands. We know that’s a lot of money. But if 25% of that goes back into your pocket, it can be a little more manageable.

Where to go to…

  • Process adoption and/or surrogacy reimbursements: Contact the Lenovo Benefits Administration Center.
  • Learn about the fertility benefits covered by the Cigna medical plans: Contact our Cigna Client Service Partner, Jennifer Parrish, or call a Cigna One Guide at 1-800-244-6224.
  • View your WINFertility benefits on the go (beginning in 2024): Download the WINFertility Companion app, and use employer code LNV24 to create your account.
  • Understand all my options for family leave: Access the Knowledge Base or contact Lenovo HR Support.


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Available January 1, 2024

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