Financial well-being


Your first house. A new car. An unexpected medical bill. With so many things to save and pay for, saving for a large down payment or building emergency savings may feel like an overwhelming task. Plus, stress brought on by financial worries can take a toll on your physical and emotional health. Fortunately, Lenovo has the resources to help, including credit counseling, loan refinancing, financial planning, and more.

For financial peace of mind:

  • Enroll in comprehensive support, including legal services and identity theft protection to help ensure your financial accounts and assets are safe and sound. (Pro tip: You can enroll in the legal plan only during Annual Enrollment or under special circumstances, like when you get married or have a baby.)
  • Contact New York Life Group Benefit Solutions for personal travel assistance (emergency assistance when you’re away from home), will preparation services, and identity theft consultations.
  • Call the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for financial education on managing debt, budgeting, identity theft, and retirement.
  • Explore the wealth of financial support resources (below) available to you at a discount through Lenovo.


You have money goals — and surprise expenses. So take charge of your financial well-being with vetted resources available to you at discounted rates.


Looking for one-on-one financial help?

Schedule a virtual appointment with a financial professional. You can also get individual assistance building your retirement portfolio through Edelman Financial Engines.

Did you know?

Not sure which services to explore? Try ’em all! Aside from the legal plan, you can sign up for the rest of these financial benefits at ANY time. No need to wait until Annual Enrollment.

Tackle a money goal with your Lenovo benefits.

Conquer saving with Fidelity Goal Booster.

Want to learn more about managing your money?

Join an “Ask Fidelity” webinar.


Lenovo Savings Plan [401(k)]



Legal plan

ARAG legal insurance

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Identity theft protection

Allstate Identity Protection Pro Plus


New York Life Group Benefit Solutions

Identity theft consultations

Travel assistance

New York Life Group Benefit Solutions Secure Travel


Will preparation

New York Life Group Benefit Solutions