Mindset reset

Let’s be honest. Our lives are feeling a little crazy right now. That’s why it’s more important than ever to find quick ways to reboot and reenergize. Take back control of your schedule, your day, or your mental state by trying one of these six simple actions.

Take a breather.

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Inhaling and exhaling seems pretty straightforward. But there’s so much more to it! When you know how to breathe correctly, you can give a huge boost to your brain and body — anytime, anywhere.

Get some quick pointers on mastering your breathing from the Power UP Fitness Center.

Break up your day.

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You know that tension you’re feeling in your shoulders? That’s your body’s way of telling you you’re stressed and fatigued. To stay sharp and productive, it’s important to take mini-breaks throughout the day.

Breaks are even better when you get your blood pumping. Try an on-demand fitness class offered by the Power UP Fitness Center.

Blow past the blahs.

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We all lose our mojo every now and then. When you’re struggling for inspiration, it’s important to reconnect with your key drivers – the things in life that get your blood pumping and heart soaring.

Get in touch with the things that drive you toward success by taking a spin through the Power UP Fitness Center’s 7 Steps to Finding Your Motivation.

Skip the nonessentials.

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Are you so done with long to-do lists? Try limiting your daily priorities to no more than three action items. Only include the real needle movers. Then commit to making them happen.

Use the Daily Lineup Planner to prioritize your daily tasks. Follow this framework, created by the Power UP Fitness Center, to chart out your day — and stick to your game plan.

Flex for five.

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We all know stretching feels good. But it also helps with circulation. Which is key to relieving tension, improving posture, and increasing energy. Plus, it’s a good excuse to let out a big primal grunt.

For instructor-led stretching, join the Power UP Fitness Center’s daily five-minute virtual stretch break at 10:50 am and 1:50 pm Eastern Time. Or try these five-minute desk stretches or workday stretches whenever you feel like it.

Come on, get mindful.

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When things are feeling a little overwhelming, a good way to feel more in control is to be present in the moment. Try spending a few minutes focusing on all the stimuli — sights, sounds, smells — around you.

Check out our Events page to find the next Mini-Mindfulness Session, offered by the Lenovo Wellness Center. In just 15 minutes, you can start getting your calm on.

Additional resources

Still feeling stressed? Cigna can help you develop a PLAN:

P – Period of time to unwind
L – Location to de-stress
A – Activity to enjoy
N – Name of someone to talk to

Visit cigna.com/mystressplan to develop a personalized PLAN to help you manage stress, or check out these tips for self-care strategies in stressful times.


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