Virtual physical therapy


Want to get all the benefits of in-person physical therapy without having to physically show up for an appointment? Hinge Health is a free benefit offering back, joint, and muscle treatments that can be done anywhere, when it works best for your schedule. No need to drive to an appointment or worry about copays. With Hinge Health, you can focus entirely on feeling better.


Because accidents happen and pain knows no bounds. Ease back, joint, and muscle pain through convenient rehabilitation programs, accessible anywhere — including the comfort of your own home — via the Hinge Health app.


No matter what kind of support you need, Hinge Health’s team of physical therapists, health coaches, and physicians can give you the right kind of care:

  • Prevention: job-specific exercises and education to help you avoid injuries
  • Acute: physical therapy video visits to help you deal with recent injuries
  • Chronic: exercise, education, and behavioral change to assist you with high-risk conditions
  • Surgery: pre- and post-surgery rehab and continuity of care

Did you know?

You can get started by visiting Hinge Health and taking a short online survey. There’s no need for a referral or diagnosis from a doctor!

Find relief from nagging injuries, muscle aches, and joint pain.


Hinge Health