Virtual physical therapy


Want to get all the benefits of in-person physical therapy without having to physically show up for an appointment? If you’re a Cigna member, physical recovery can be easier and more convenient with RecoveryOne for Cigna, a free app-based digital rehabilitation program designed by orthopedic specialists.


Because accidents happen and pain knows no bounds. Ease muscle and joint pain through convenient rehabilitation programs, accessible anywhere — including the comfort of your own home — on any device.


Right from your phone, tablet, or computer, you can:

  • Access your personalized recovery program based on your specific pain or injury
  • Follow video exercises with detailed instructions on form and movement
  • Track your progress as you move through your recovery program
  • Get convenient reminders and support to help you stay on course
  • Receive updates to your recovery exercises based on your feedback

Learn more by watching the RecoveryOne Introduction video.

Register at Once you log in, look for the “Have muscle or joint pain?” message under Latest Updates.

Did you know?

With RecoveryOne for Cigna, there’s no additional cost to you, no prescription for physical therapy needed, and no need to leave your house. What more do you need to “no”?

We’re trying out RecoveryOne as a pilot program. If you register for it, please be sure to use it and give us your feedback!

Find relief from nagging injuries, muscle aches, and joint pain.



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RecoveryOne for Cigna

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