Your credit card statement includes that phat Gucci watch your bestie’s been raving about. Sweet, right? Wrong. You didn’t buy that Gucci watch—or any watch for that matter—and you are definitely not paying the $2,000 bill.

At least you’re not if you have identity theft protection through Allstate Identity Protection Pro Plus. It’s a service that helps you monitor purchases and lines of credit. So your good name—and credit—stay intact.


‘Cause getting hacked isn’t fun. And no one wants to spend hours disputing purchases and begging creditors to believe you.

  • Identity, credit, and social media reputation monitoring and alerts
  • $1M identity theft insurance policy
  • $9.95/month for just you; $17.95/month for you + the fam bam
  • A team to help you restore your identity if you get hacked 

Some 41 million Americans have had their identity stolen. 41 million!!! (And nope, that’s not a typo.)