Adoption assistance


Adding a child to your family is a wonderful thing. And, quite often, an expensive thing. The Adoption Assistance Program can alleviate some of the financial burden. You can get reimbursed up to $8,000 per child for eligible adoption-related expenses.


However you add to your family, we want to help you make it a success. The $8,000 in reimbursements can help you pay for some of those unavoidable expenses, like legal and medical fees. And help you focus on welcoming your new family member. Not worry about finances.


  • Up to $8,000 reimbursement for eligible expenses
  • Good for domestic and international adoptions
  • Can be used to cover legal and medical fees

Did you know?

An average adoption costs around $30,000. We know that’s a lot of money. But if 25% of that goes back into your pocket, it can be a little more manageable.

How do I get reimbursed for adoption expenses?


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